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Dj Ferny

Born in SantaCruz in Bolivia in 1987, at the age of 4 he was adopted by an Italian couple.

Since that day he has always lived in Correggioverde in the province of Mantua, realizing as a child that the musical environment would be my natural habitat thanks to my father, a sound engineer since 1980.

He often took it with him to shows and concerts and it was thanks to this childhood and these experiences that I soon began to love music and the work related to it. Observing the deejays from behind the scenes he decided that this was the job he wanted to learn.

At 14 they gave him the console and at 16 he performed for the first time at the School Party.

That day DJ FERNY was born, and I begin to be contacted first for private parties, then clubs, discos, tuning events and important fashion shows between:

Reggio Emila, Riccione, Bologna, Milan and Verona.

He loves all music but prefers to play hip-hop and reggaeton, always having new and cutting-edge equipment and technologies thanks to his father's work. Conceiving formats dedicated to his favorite sounds was therefore the next step: he created REGGAETON PARTY and the TORTUGA LA BUENA ONDA event, both entirely supervised by him in every aspect, still collaborating with the Peligrosa format (Hip-Hop, Trap, Reggaeton). .

The passion and his experience have given him great satisfaction giving me the opportunity to work also in radio and television contexts.

A feature of him?

He is always looking for new artists and has thus refined his ability as a talent scout; thus enriches his events with always fresh and high-level performers.

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