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Presentation of ambient fragrances from Zhor parfums

At Zhor Parfums located in Montenapoleone 14 the presentation event of the new Acquae delle Langhe ambient fragrances was held.

This presentation was a launch event to inaugurate the arrival of new olfactory sensations inside this prestigious shop.

Citrus and woody tones .... that accompany the senses in a new dimension and make you discover the essence of feeling in total relaxation.

To frame this new entry, a showroom that envelops the customer with many refined perfumes and a professional staff always available to present these perfumes, not to mention the unique pakaginas in the world.

Guests included numerous journalists, trusted clients and influencers including Mariana Aresta, a former collegiate and now an It girl, famous among young people and our director Sergio Ivan Roncoroni, the backbone of the Amore World Magazine site.

Their philosophy, at the base of Acqua delle Langhe, is a careful selection of raw materials and an inexhaustible search for the ideal balance between top and base notes but also its intense connection with the genius loci, and in particular with the area of Alba that the Romans had renamed Alba Pompeia.

In fact, this iconic line has its roots in the Piedmont of the Langhe and in its territorial peculiarities, between oenology and aristocratic traditions: therefore, in these valleys, intoxicating fragrances come to life, born from the mixture of citrus and pittosporum, traces of noble grapes and hints of peat , leather and tobacco with a salty aftertaste and floral accents linked to the scents of the hedges that adorn the shores of the sea.

The perfumes and the image produced are studied in Dogliani village in the heart of the Langhe, while all the processing phases take place in the small laboratory on the outskirts of Milan, where skilled and expert hands work to create each fragrance in a perfect balance between evanescence. and persistence.

Alberto Avetta The son of a musician and a graduate in sociology, Alberto Avetta has art in his DNA and from an early age he explored essences in search of the perfect fragrance. On the threshold of 50, he decided to leave the company where he had been the commercial director for years.

One day, while he was walking through the vineyards in the places of his childhood, absorbed in the thoughts and smells he breathed, he decided to realize his secret dream: to develop an absolutely unique line of perfumes. And so, armed with ardent passion, Alberto Avetta in 2013 founded the Acqua delle Langhe brand.


“Acqua delle Langhe perfumes are unique and exclusive creations that arouse emotions and recall memories.

Nothing is left to chance if not the flow of suggestions that each essence can awaken in a completely sudden and different way in each of us. "

Back to the event ...

I have to offer my most sincere congratulations to Zhor and Gianluca and all his staff, who have always been ready to show every fragrance to a clientele who sometimes shyly entered the showroom, attracted by new olfactory tones, discovering and learning a reality about totally new and unusual fragrances but certainly a discovery that brings with it the desire to go back to buying.

Personally I was attracted to them since the first time I discovered them in Brera ... and still I still discover new fragrances and unique shades.

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