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Attempted to conquer the fifth “GUINNESS WORLD RECORD” title in GREECE, on Saturday 1 April 2023 Rome in the splendid setting of Cinecittà World, the livery of the Ferrari F8 Tributo was unveiled with which the Roman driver Fabio Barone will travel the panoramic road to the Shrines of Meteora in Greece in less than 178 seconds, the record held by a pilot of Greek origin.

After an exciting show promoted by Cinecittà World, Barone drove the Ferrari F8 Tributo confirming his ability as an expert driver and owner of 4 Guinness world titles still unbeaten, in front of a large audience and the members of "Passione Rossa" the most important Club of Ferrari customers around the world of which he holds the position of President.

The feat, already presented on March 15 in the Campidoglio, will face the 4 km of hairpin bends and curves at over 500 meters in height in less than 3 minutes considering that the road, in some points, has no protection.

Among the various brands that support this magnificent mission of Fabio Barone, there is also AMORE WORLD with the logo placed near the air vents.

Champion at the wheel and young entrepreneur, from an early age, he developed a passion for all that is mechanical and innovation linked to four wheels and in particular for the Prancing Horse company, proudly an Italian national icon.

Fabio Barone is not alone in this adventure, but he is accompanied by a very experienced team coordinated by his team manager Giuseppe Di Sandolo and his engineer Alessandro Tedino, with whom the pilot achieved the Rome-North Cape record, an extremely tough route in 45 hours, 20 minutes and 37 seconds, about 4 hours less than the time indicated by Google Maps.

The event can be followed on the social channels of PASSION ROSSA and on the pilot's official Instagram account: @sonobarone live on April 25th.

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