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Felipe Saruma and VERTICAL CINEMA

The cinematographic artist and content creator, Felipe Saruma, at 23 years of age, with more than 12 years of experience in the trade, has a presence in the main social networks, being supported by 16 million followers in his digital space, recognized as the first Colombian to be awarded in the “Favorite Comedy” category at the 2022 Tik Tok Awards and recently awarded as “Content Creator of the Year” at the 2022 Latin Plug Awards held in New York, United States.

SARUMA, is a benchmark for vertical cinema in Latin America, his work is synonymous with high quality, the result of a strong discipline and unwavering charisma.

As the founder and visible head of the VERTICAL CINEMA company, he serves as a commercial platform for those companies or enterprises that wish to advertise their products or services. His recognition is such that it has led him to work for multinationals and brands of great reputation worldwide.

He is the husband of fellow Entrepreneur and Content Creator Andrea Valdiri, who in addition to the talents for which he has become known nationally and internationally, is one of the creative brains of VERTICAL CINEMA.

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