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The fashion show dedicated to the preview of the winter collection by B17 took place at the L Hyatt in Milan.

The event organized by Andrew Sardelli of AP Servizi in collaboration with Marco Rosselli's Br production was a great success with the public as well as a lot of approval for the presentation of the collection.

Enchanting Francesca Agnati who has

She conducted the event in a clean and effective way.

The models selected by the TFM agency and MM model management were styled and made up by the Attilio artistic group of Turin by Gianni Graziano's Elios communication, making the atmosphere suitable for Fashion Week.

Several guests were present including the Director Roberto Alessi, Luigi Favoloso along with many other influencers who best surrounded the B17 event.

To highlight The final release with Miss Universe Eline de pool and Rosy dilettuso who, together with Giuseppe Martucci, founder of the B17 brand, launched a message of peace and closeness to the war that is raging in Ukraine these days

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