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Golden and elegant perfumes embellished with diamonds at Esxence Milano2023 signed by Ramon Molvizar

The brand's philosophy is a love story for fragrances.

This is a wonderful friendship of talents who managed to make their dream come true, embodying them in the first fifteen fragrances.

It's a conversation of minds who love expressing their thoughts through smells and music.

They really are the designers of their dreams! Possessing a wonderful olfactory taste, they bring fragrances into this world, which, in their opinion, are able to win hearts.

And in this they are helped by a wonderful team of Spanish perfumers led by the CEO of Ronzak arte perfumes and cosmetics, Mrs.

Diana Raffael.

Maintain a standard of originality and exquisite luxury to satisfy the most demanding public, the one that wants something more than the normal standards of high-class perfumery and seeks something more than a simple marketing product.

Ramon Molvizar's strong point is to take the perfumer's art to the extreme where it becomes a masterpiece..

Ramon Molvizar perfumes are presented in the most elegant form that presentation design can offer. ART, Luxury and Exclusivity are the main concepts that Ramon Molvizar communicates to his clients.

But let's see some of these liquid jewels...


An exceptional perfume for exceptional women, as desirable as a precious jewel. Contains 23-karat gold that dusts the skin like gold stars. Warm floral notes with a touch of musk for a dreamy night. Luxurious for your skin.


Top notes

Lemon - Raspberry - Indian magnolia - Violet - Orchid - Pear - Melon

Central notes

Tuberose - Cardamom - Amaranth wood - Sweet grapes - Plum confit

Base notes

Sandalwood - Musk


The rich and dense aroma, inspired by the grandeur and splendor of the Topkapi Palace, caresses the sensations like soft waves of the Bosphorus, transformed by the evening sun into liquid gold. In this mysterious and sensual fragrance, the sophisticated note of apricot intertwines with the species, the velvety accord of soft suede and finally the feminine and elegant rose. The note of Nobke Agarwood is combined with a seductive accord of chocolate, vanilla and musk in the base. As the Topcapi rooms are decorated with gold ornaments, Art&Gold is decorated with gold flakes, sparkling inside the bottle.

Pyramid notes

Top notes

Saffron - Rose - Apricot

Central notes

Cider - Caramel - Oud

Base notes

Musk - Vanilla - Amber


Delicious fragrance that tells of feelings. Feelings - not like drama or passion. But bright feelings from father to daughter, mother to son, good feelings for people, for each other. The aroma that surrounds us with very positive vibrations and gives feelings of goodness and happiness. Thanks to the best ingredients, this fragrance opens in several phases and each note in the fragrance opens up a new world of flowers, freshness and elegant sweetness. The packaging is no different: a bottle sculpted in the shape of real quartz, with a faint hint of red, contains the gold flakes of pure 24-karat gold.

Top notes:

Tunisian neroli, Italian bergamot, African olibanum, pink peppercorns, Comorian ylang.

Heart notes:

jasmine absolute from Upper Egypt, tuberose absolute from India, osmanthus absolute from China, lily of the valley.

Base notes:

roasted tonka bean from Venezuela, amber, black ebony wood, sandalwood, vetiver from Haiti, vanilla from Madagascar, organic benjoin from Laos, opoponax.

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