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Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition: the thrill of driving a safety car becomes reality

Nobody wants to be Robin sings Cesare Cremonini but everyone wants to be Bernd Maylander I say. From this year on, the man driving the safety cars during Formula 1 races has the honor of driving the legendary Aston Martin Vantage, unmistakable with its green livery.

Sixty years after the last race, the car supplier for His Majesty's Secret Agent is back in Formula 1 with great style because in addition to the single-seaters we see the English brand speeding by as a Medical car (Aston Martin DBX) and precisely safety car (Aston Martin Vantage).

But if nobody then wants to be Robin, is there a way to be Bernd Maylander? The answer is absolutely yes! We are in the Aston Martin Milan showroom in Viale Certosa 187 where among the various models that can be admired we find a magnificent Aston Martin Vantage ... Formula 1 Edition inspired by the safety car model. A very special version with which for the umpteenth time Aston Martin has decided to amaze. 535 horsepower with 8-speed ZF gearbox for incredible performance: from 0 to 100 in 3.5 seconds, 21 'rigorously Pirelli wheels and the unmistakable livery in the legendary Racing Green color.

A model for which CEO Tobias Moers has given his engineering team a clear goal: to further improve performance, especially when the most famous car championship brand in the world is the setting. License to amaze always and in any case because once again they have succeeded!

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