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February 27 is an important day for the Dominican Republic in every part of the world !!

Much of Dominican culture is expressed through its museums, food and music.

But Carnival is the real door to the depths of the Dominican people. This annual Independence Day is held across the country, with each city offering its own original version of the commemoration.

People fill the streets with colorful masks, music and of course dancing.

But carnival was not always what it is now.

It is the synthesis of the expression of the cultures of the native Taíno Indians, of the Spanish colonizers and of African slaves.

Cultures that, in a unique mix, create a vortex of energy and culture that is impossible to find elsewhere. The carnival lasts throughout February, with its climax on the 27th.

Other Dominican holidays include January 26, the day of Patriarch Juan Pablo Duarte, March 9, the day of Patriarch Francisco del Rosario Sánchez, August 16, Republic Day, and November 6, Constitution Day.

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