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Giorgio Armani's tears: "I see him everywhere, I feel his spirit ..."

He admitted to crying often, "even last night", that man in one piece who is Giorgio Armani.

Eighty years and a living myth in the history of Italian fashion.

Armani confessed he deeply misses his brother who is no longer with him and his partner who died thirty years ago "that if he saw me now he would be mad with joy for me," he said. And when asked if he would have wanted children, the designer replies: "A lot", then he stops and tears start to fall from his eyes.

A 'human' Armani, the one who responds to Michael Hainey, and the interview in a moment turns into a moving confession. He never lacked determination: "I had a burning ambition: to realize my potential - he admits -, I felt that I could have been more than a stylist: a director, of taste and lifestyle. I have often had to sacrifice relationships for total commitment in my work, and in the end I have no regrets, I did what I wanted ".

But as soon as the subject is touched upon Sergio Galeotti, the fundamental companion of a decade, the designer reveals: "Do you believe that I will see Sergio again in another life? I can't… I have to be pragmatic. When I travel, I take a photo of him with me.

Something of us remains. His spirit is still there. I'm sure of it, there is: I see him everywhere, and I'm sure he sees me. And I hope he knows everything I've done. In what form he exists, however, I cannot know this ”.

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