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The new Ferrari flagship store in Milan

The large boutique celebrating the myth of the Cavallino reopens in the shadow of the Duomo. 900 square meters designed by the Sybarite studio between artistic installations, fashion and memorabilia from the Maranello team.

To welcome the public there is a bright red wing and, immediately inside, an atrium lit from above dominated by a spectacular Formula 1 car, suspended in the air like a work of contemporary art. Welcome to the new Ferrari flagship store in Milan, located in the historic center, which officially opens during the fashion week. "A non-random choice," explains Rocco Iannone, Ferrari creative director. "We skipped the appointment at the Salone del Mobile to wait for the people of fashion at the September shows". Just turn your gaze towards the side galleries of the large boutique entirely redesigned by the English studio Sybarite (900 square meters on three levels between the Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II) to intercept clothing, accessories, Testarossa engines and memorabilia that parade under the tracks. of aluminum inspired by the assembly lines of the Maranello factory.

Between references to the legendary history of the Cavallino, racing contents and new fashion collections, the store spaces follow one another with different functions to tell all the souls of the brand: from the red-shaded shop windows to the interiors that alternate terracotta columns and brick walls bianchi ("a tribute to the genius loci of Maranello and Modena"), up to the basement where three semi-professional simulators allow you to virtually relive the emotions of the drivers in the race.

"The Milanese flagship store inaugurates a new season for the Ferrari brand," says chief brand diversification officer Nicola Boari. «Here the public will find not only merchandising, but luxury accessories and a new line of high-end clothing, all consistent with the values ​​of the Maranello house: style and elegance, performance and innovation, quality craftsmanship. The goal is to conquer new market segments. Not only the brand admirers, but also the female audience and that of the younger ones. The new fashion collection, for example, breaks with the past and is presented in a context that embodies the team's 70 years of history and, at the same time, has a look projected into the future ".

«Exactly», confirms the creative director Rocco Iannone. "The new stores (Rome, in October. Later Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles and Miami ed.) Will be the meeting point with the Ferrari universe in all its forms. These are spaces that we designed together with the Sybarite studio to immerse the visitor in an all-encompassing experience, including art installations, entertainment, without forgetting the very high craftsmanship of Ferrari racing cars which returns, in the form of quotes, also in the fashion collection: details inspired by the automotive world, stitching studied to the millimeter, precious and performing materials. The same approach was used in the interior design: Sybarite, with a point of view that is neither too sporty, nor technological, but never nostalgic, has created a succession of environments that celebrate the innovation, tradition and craftsmanship of the Ferrari world. ".

In continuity with the Maranello flagship inaugurated last June, the design codes and iconic materials of the brand's new retail vision also reappear in Milan, reformulated and adapted to the location of excellence through a structural and scenographic evolution of great visual impact. A few examples? The VIP Lounge where you can complete the shopping experience in a private and relaxing environment, characterized by velvet sofas, soft drapery and soft lighting. Or the areas of the checkouts and dressing rooms that reflect the colors and design of the Maranello cars in a refined way, with walls covered respectively in yellow ceramic and in yellow Alcantara, doors in brushed aluminum and seats in quilted leather to recall the interiors of the cockpit of a Ferrari.

Of course, experiences specifically dedicated to high-speed fans could not be missing. The aforementioned Formula 1 single-seater suspended in the atrium - a faithful replica of the same one with which Michael Schumacher won the World Championship in 2002 -, the simulators of Formula 1 races on the lower floor, but also installations full of cult objects that celebrate the myth of Gran Prix and its protagonists and a large checkerboard screen displaying videos and images that recall the link between the team and the world of cinema, with the frequent appearances of the four wheels of Maranello in arthouse films.

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