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Whenever you are faced with something "unique and precious"

we have the perception of something "magical"

“The vibrations of well-being and beauty that lead us into a world of authentic but relaxed luxury are the ones I wish to convey in each collection.

A way of being first and foremost, and of dressing, which represents our history, our creed and the values of our company ”, declares Marco Baldassari founder and male creative director of Eleventy.

In the Eleventy FW 22_23 men's collection, tailoring tradition is combined with innovation for coats made with precious double opening fabrics that each require 14/16 hours of processing.

Unique items, light and impalpable but warm, in “superfine” 14 microns wool or cashmere.

The jackets and suits, rigorously made with hand steps, represent another element of value and uniqueness Jackets, blousons, 500-line rock velvet jackets, old corduroy, and mixes of materials, shape the past and the future together in a product strongly contemporary.

Relaxed, updated and modern volumes, embellished with hand stitching and tailored details.

The study of finishes, treatments and techniques make the knitwear of the next season contemporary and sophisticated.

Swollen jerseys by unshackling, softened by special washes and made slippery and soft by

double or triple pass raising.

Balance - Slowly - Quiet, are the keywords embroidered on superfine and very soft wool sweaters. The knitwear proposal is completed by new down jackets with knitted surfaces or ribbed profiles, soft but elegant blazers, sweatshirts and color-block cardigans.

For free time, tracksuits and sweatshirts in very precious yarns such as Cashmere, Sea Island and Giza.

5-pocket denim canvas trousers made on old shuttle looms, very rare to find and kept by our craftsmen, for an exclusive selvedge denim.

Unique and refined garments that tell a story of traditional values ​​but above all of innovation.

Numbered pieces available only for limited productions due to the long production times. An exclusive and unique color study.

Very light tones, refined and never banal, from chalk to honey up to ash gray; a touché of ruby colors, then the color of the winter sky (gray blue), and the dull green of autumn, with a reference to the yellow of the leaves. Colors mixed together behind a careful study and experimentation to create an original balance between tones and mid-tones for a collection with a strong and exclusive aspect.

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