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Elli&Rini they will make you discover yours "Pianeta"....

It all started on a summer evening on a plateau in the French mountains, from the meeting of the elegant creativity of an architect-designer with the visionary planning of an engineer-artist. Creating a design station, clean, elegant in its lines and permeated with technology: this is the intuition. A workstation that could unite, merge, integrate the different worlds and ways of living. Not just a desk and a chair, but an immersive, bright, technological and tailored design object.

"While workplaces, living spaces, hôtellerie and boutiques are looking for new solutions, we have thought of a functional space that is both intimate and personal, perfectly integrated into the warmth of the surrounding environment. A space within space, a double-breasted technological place, open to the private world, but also enclosed within the professional world. " M. Spinola and G. Antonelli Dudan

"The next challenge of the world goes in this direction: finding new spaces, offering new experiences capable of responding to the physical-digital revolution in progress, in which the whole of life converges on a spatial and temporal level" .F. Foiadelli and S.M. Vaccarini

From these intuitions, creativity and concreteness and within this revolution, PLANET was born: the new frontier of modern living, the icon of digital living. PLANET is a sculpture-lamp on the outside, a comfortable and technological environment on the inside. Place of work, reading, audio-visual experiences and well-being. From the outside you can admire its lines, its natural materials such as wood, stones, plants and enjoy its light in a continuous dialogue with the environment in which it is inserted. It is a space within a space that is transformed: large inside and compact as a whole. A cosmos in 2.5 m2.

“PIANETA allows you to live a multidimensional and primordial experience.

PLANET protects, welcomes, connects and regenerates.

It is a return to origins.

PIANETA it is our Planet.”

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