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MDL - Motori Di Lusso and Amore World Magazine join forces for a partnership of excellence

luxury-magazine MDL - Motori Di Lusso and Amore World Magazine join forces in order to carry out special joint and transversal projects between automotive and fashion

Excellence that meets excellence. The luxury-magazines MDL - Motori Di Lusso (specialized in the world of high-profile motors and lifestyle) and Amore World Magazine (with core in the world of fashion and lifestyle) join forces for a prestigious partnership aimed at creating editorial content transversal between the different environments they belong to.

Diversi i progetti speciali che verranno sviluppati in maniera congiunta dai due luxury-mag e che avranno lo scopo di incrociare tra di loro, su un’unica strada, ambienti, prodotti e stili di vita allo scopo di dare alla luce una serie di contenuti di alto profilo e di grande interesse per pubblico, partner e sponsor di entrambe le testate.


"We are pleased and proud to be able to start this partnership of excellence - says Alessandro Colombo, Editor & Founder of MDL - Motori Di Lusso - with the esteemed colleagues of Amore World Magazine and I am sure that the projects that will be jointly developed by both magazines they will be loved by the public following them. We can't wait to get started in order to surprise, enchant and excite you with something that is always new, interesting and transversal ".

“Honored and fully aware that it will be a great opportunity for both sides to be able to create something special and lasting over time - declares Sergio Ivan Roncoroni, Editor & Founder of Amore World Magazine - I follow the world of fashion and design and much more. For some time I had something similar in mind. With Alessandro Colombo Editor & Founder - Motori Di Lusso, we immediately found ourselves in tune with the same thoughts. After all, the world of real and Luxury fashion ... and without it dreams would not hesitate ... "

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