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Milan Symphony Orchestra - Darth Vader as the conductor ...

Symphony Orchestra of Milan


John Axelrod

POPs Star Wars & Classics.

The first seasonal appointment of the POPs review, a review that has now become a classic of the Milan Symphony Orchestra, which, in recent seasons, has recorded the great successes of symphonic tributes to the music of Queen, Abba, David Bowie, Fabrizio De André, from Pink Floyd to the Beatles, in addition to the experiments of synchronous execution of soundtracks during the screening of films that have made the history of cinema, the execution of music from TV series, and much more.

Yesterday evening the Milan Symphony Orchestra managed to transform the Milan Auditorium into a spaceship and take the audience on an intergalactic journey: Star Wars & Classics, to discover the music of Star Wars, masterpieces composed by the legendary John Williams , and their illustrious "ancestors", the music that inspired its genesis: together with a John Axelrod in the role of Darth Vader conducting the Milan Symphony Orchestra with a lightsaber, we discover that it was Stravinsky's Sagra della Primavera to inspire John Williams in composing the Theme of the Stormtroopers, and we realize the close relationship between the visionary Suite I Pianeti by Gustav Holst and the music dedicated to the Battle of the heroes.

An interesting symphonic retrospective relating to the cult saga par excellence, with a curious "genealogical" investigation that investigates the previous repertoire, in search of the ideas that influenced John Williams in the composition of these masterpieces in the history of soundtracks.

It was an evening in which John Axelrod and the Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano, with his fascinating imagery, succeeded in making all fans of George Lucas' masterpiece live an experience far beyond the film and make them understand that there is a lot of work and dedication to make a film a true masterpiece starting from the sounds that accompany the Star Wars saga.

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