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Ricardo Arjona in concert in Italy: back with his Tour“Blanco y Negro”

Ricardo Arjona,the greatest exponent of Latin American music, returns to Italy with his exclusive tour“Blanco y Negro”.

Ricardo Arjona, whose birth name is Édgar Ricardo Arjona Morales, born on January 19, 1964, interpreter of famous songs such as "Mujeres", "Como Olvidarte", "Minutos", "El Problema", "Señora de las cuatro décadas" , "Te conozco", "Realmente no estoy tan solo" "Tu reputación", among other classics that have made history in Latin America, returns to Italy Italy to promote his new album "Blanco y Negro" with two unmissable concerts , on 15 March 2022 in Rome and on 16 March in Milan, the extraordinary success of his first presentation was the past 5 May 2018 where he arrived with his international tour "Circo Soledad".



Ricardo Arjona in concerto, a Roma il 15 marzo 2022 alle 21:00 presso Auditorio Parco della Musica – Sala Sinopoli – Viale Pietro de Coubertin, 30 – 00196 Roma


Ricardo Arjona in concerto, a Milano il 16 marzo 2022 presso l’Allianz Cloud ex Pala Lido, Piazza Carlo Stuparich, 1. Milano (MI)

The live "hot" energy of this eclectic Latin musician, who won two Grammy Awards for best male pop vocal album and best Latin pop album and who also won the "Vida y Obra" award in recognition of thirty ' years of artistic success in the latest edition of the “Lo Nuestro” awards, has stolen the hearts of fans from all over the world and is now preparing to conquer the Italian public.

With 19 shows all sold out in Spain, Ricardo Arjona sold out in New York, Boston, Miami, Puerto Rico, Orlando, three concerts in Chile; 4 in Argentina and new dates in London, Paris, Zurich, Cologne, Rome, Milan, New York, Miami, Puerto Rico, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, San Antonio, Atlantic City, Tampa and Fort Myers.

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