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Spectacular video of Harley Davidson and the Colombian band Live Wire

How the roar of an engine hits the market: "Nobody Beats Me"

Hard Rock fans welcomed the new LIVE WIRE video clip as a stampede of high-powered motorcycles, an unforgettable trip at more than 200 km per hour.

The launch of Nobody Beats Me took place on December 7 in the middle of her live show at the Subterranica Awards Gala, where she was a special guest and nominated for Best Rock Artist 2021.

This song was conceived as a motivational piece, which intertwines the mentality of a winner with the challenges of daily living, believing with certainty that we will achieve each proposed goal, it is suitable for dreamers who tirelessly conquer steps until they reach glory.

LIVE WIRE recorded Nobody Beats Me in the studio of the engineer Leandro Viana, under the expertise, guidance and production of the famous producer German Villacorta (The Rolling Stones, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, among others), the mixing and mastering was carried out in Los Angeles , California, at Dynamic Wave Studio.

The filming of the video clip was carried out between Medellín and Cali, with the special participation of Harley Davidson (the most important and iconic motorcycle manufacturing company in the world), the audiovisual production was created by the prominent VMotion Agency under the lens of Galeano and the direction by Juan CBR who have been in charge of his previous videos Now is your time, Let´s party and I´ma machine. Costumes by LuzDaga and executive production by Nicolás López - SBE Agency.

"We are all winners, it is up to you how you take on your challenges"

Live Wire.

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