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The Materialist

The youngest of three brothers and the only woman, since she was a child, she has always shown her aptitudes for singing and dancing, counting on the support of her parents who allowed her to develop at the National School of Visual Arts and to participate in singing competitions where he studied.

The name of La Materialista comes from a song by a group called Alía_2 that it belonged to before launching as a soloist, and it was about a materialistic girl who was interested in guys with big money. It is from that song that she decides to call herself The Materialist.

In 2011 she was chosen by the program2 Noche de Luz de Luz García as one of the best bodies in her country in "The Hottest Bodies Of Summer". , which sought to attract young urban music talents from the country and make them compete with each other to choose 3 winners with their respective prizes at the end of the contest.

In 2012 she made her debut as an actress in the television series 3 El Cartel de los Macos, a parody based on the telenovela El Cartel de los Sapos with the role of Sofía, the girlfriend of one of the "pirates" of the film Irving Alberti, a character who undoubtedly succeeded to fascinate the television audience from the very beginning of the soap opera. Voice and image for the advertising campaign of the company Kola Real, winner as Urban Female Artist of the Year at the Q Awards and recognized as "Outstanding Artist Abroad" in the United States by the Viva la Juventud awards, were some of the achievements in 2012. In addition, he participated in the Golden Microphone Awards, where he was in the musical part and in the delivery of an award.

Materialista is the Dominican Republic's leading urban4 singer, winner of the Q Awards for "Best Female Artist of the Year" (2012) and "Best Video Clip" (2013) with her video Tú No Has Na which received attention beyond outside of the Dominican Republic. She has also been nominated for the Soberano Awards on a few occasions as "Artist and / or Urban Group" and Video Clip of the Year.

In 2013, she became the first Dominican female artist to perform at the opening of the Miss Venezuela 2013.5 interactive gala

In 2014 he released the hit 'Las Chapas Que Vibran' which became one of the most popular of the moment, "occupying the number one position in the top 10 of the most impactful songs of the moment nationwide", 6 And topping the Billboard at the position number 16, thus reaching position number 2 for 10 consecutive weeks.

While the video clip in the first week of its launch had more than half a million views on the YouTube channel and in 2 months it exceeded 8,500,000 million views. It currently exceeds 191 billion views on YouTube.

In February 2015 he released the hit single Booty de Goma which immediately positioned itself in the Top Latin Songs - Urban República Dominica de Monitor Latino in the top 10.7

Additionally, La Materialista became the first Dominican female artist to obtain a VEVO certificate, for reaching 100 billion views on her VEVO channel with her video for "Las Chapas Que Vibran".

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