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Enthusiasm and pre-pandemic confidence for the International Two-wheeler Exhibition in Milan. The industry's show of strength rekindles the dream of enthusiasts: the maximum capacity limit provided for by the regulations in force on days open to the public has been reached, 342,644 overall attendance.

What won was the passion, the great desire of the public to experience the event in the presence, the determination of the exhibitors and the desire to return to doing business live by the operators. The 78th Edition of EICMA, the international two-wheeler exhibition, closed its doors last night at Fiera Milano Rho with a success that brings the exhibition event back to pre-pandemic enthusiasm. A statement that, after the forced stop of last year, also assumes a great symbolic value and confirms the relevance of the exhibition model staged by the historic Milanese exhibition.

Despite the contraction of the exhibition space dictated by the consequences of the pandemic, the maximum capacity limit envisaged by current regulations was reached in the four days open to the public. A total of 342,644 presences were registered in the five pavilions occupied this year and in the external areas. A result characterized by a safe visit experience and with over 94% of tickets purchased online thanks to the choice of the organization to avoid pressure on the ticket offices of the exhibition center, which at the same time certifies EICMA as the most important event in terms of turnout. in the Rho exhibition center since 2020. The international attractiveness of the exhibition event on the business front was also good which, despite the latest restrictions and difficulties related to international travel, welcomed 28,841 operators in the sector (43% foreigners) and 5,127 journalists , influencers, technicians and communication professionals (35% from abroad), who took advantage of this year's exclusive press day on Tuesday, a novelty of this edition. The public success of EICMA 2021 did not stop inside the pavilions, but went as far as the outdoor spaces of the event which, in addition to hosting the exclusive tribute to Valentino Rossi's career, presented this year a rich and consolidated schedule of exhibitions, shows, competitions and test ride opportunities much appreciated by lovers of two wheels.

"First of all - declared the president of EICMA Pietro Meda - I want to underline that we have concentrated our efforts to rigorously apply the regulations relating to access control, which involved a great organizational effort in collaboration with Fiera Milano and with the approval by the exhibitors themselves. The great presence of the public allowed us to reaffirm the international centrality of our appointment and to project it again into tomorrow. In recent months, we have strongly promoted correct visiting behaviors, necessarily also relying on the good sense of enthusiasts during the visit experience. In light of the current restrictions, that achieved is the best possible result. This is a test of strength made possible thanks to the trust of the exhibitors and their loyalty to the public, who responded with great enthusiasm. A heartfelt thanks goes to them ”. And precisely "the commitment of companies in the sector and partners was crucial - according to EICMA CEO Paolo Magri - to channel the great desire for two wheels that comes from the market into a single container of global opportunities and to stage the result of the investments of the reference industry and the future of mobility on two wheels ".

The appointment for EICMA 2022 is from 8 to 13 November.

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